Top 5 Romantic Getaways in Sicily


As you know, holidaymakers are always on the lookout for interesting and romantic getaways where they can celebrate their marriage or engagement, treat their special someone to a beautiful break or to just simply relax and unwind with their partners. Romantic places provide the perfect ambiance for some sweet and sensual escapades.

There are many places around the world that offer romantic interludes to break the monotony of everyday living. If you are choosing where to go, Sicily is one of the best options around the world. View Full Post

Exploring Pompeii Off Season

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Everyone knows the history of the ancient Roman city Pompeii, buried by ash in 79AD and now a fascinating archaeological site. If it wasn’t for this horrific event we wouldn’t have this huge open air museum, frozen in time. One of the first things I learnt exploring Pompeii off season was that the residents of the ancient city had no idea Mt. Vesuvius was a volcano. As people still live on it’s base today, it never occurred to me. View Full Post

Mini Jaunt: Planning A Short Visit to Italy

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Recently I wrote about how to overcome post-trip blues, but I didn’t touch upon one of the best ways to cheer yourself up a a big trip: planning a mini jaunt!

As I’m sure all my fellow travel bloggers will agree, it’s always best to have a new adventure in mind to keep your cultural side in tune and even that sometimes, you don’t need a reason, just a ticket 😉

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Post Travel Blues: Advice After You Return from Extended Trips

My first solo trip was when I moved to Canada for six months in 2009 as part of a study abroad programme. I was much younger and didn’t take the time to think about whether I’d get culture shock, or even reverse culture shock when I returned. I spent a lot of time planning before I left and whilst I was there, was too busy having fun to really feel any nostalgia for home or think about being back.

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