5 Tips for Photographing Historical Sites

herculaneum art

When we travel it’s an exciting time to explore and a great opportunity to put photography skills to the test. Historical sites, such as Pompeii or Stonehenge, are often hugely rewarding to visit and offer little gems for keen travel photographers.

With that in mind, here are my top tips for photographing historical sites, along with some advice on how to plan ahead for the best opportunities. View Full Post

Why Bloggers Should Take a Creative Writing Course

why you should take a writing course

It’s pretty common for bloggers and writers to want to improve their skills, make their content read better or to engage more deeply with their audience. One way to make this a reality is by taking a writing course that runs through the fundamentals of the writing process and inspires new ideas and practical methods of writing better content.

This month, NCC Online got in touch to offer me enrolment on their Creative Writing course, which on completion, awards you with a Level 3 NCFE Certificate PI410. This diploma may help you in your career in addition to improving your skills as a blogger. View Full Post

Tips For Finding a Job While Travelling


When it comes to looking for work, the world is a much smaller place today thanks to technology. As innovative IT has been advancing over the past few decades, we’re now at the point where we can manage our daily life with much more ease.

The same goes for being on the road and living the ‘nomad’ life. When you’re travelling all you really need is a laptop or a mobile with an Internet connection and you can stay in touch with family and friends, blog and even get a job. View Full Post