Post Travel Blues: Advice After You Return from Extended Trips

My first solo trip was when I moved to Canada for six months in 2009 as part of a study abroad programme. I was much younger and didn’t take the time to think about whether I’d get culture shock, or even reverse culture shock when I returned. I spent a lot of time planning before I left and whilst I was there, was too busy having fun to really feel any nostalgia for home or think about being back.

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Two Months Backpacking Europe: The Summer I’ll Never Forget

This review post of my travels is something I’ve been subconsciously putting off since I came back, as it feels like the end of one of the best times of my life. Now I’m back, the trip almost feels like a dream and I have to remind myself that it happened and that for two months I lived every day to the full, seeing some of the best destinations the world has to offer!

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Falling in Love: A Weekend in Monte Carlo

New life plan; become a millionaire, move to Monte Carlo and drive a sports car.

On Friday afternoon I left La Spezia and arrived for my weekend in Monte Carlo just before dusk. My first glimpse was from the train tracks and I can’t totally describe how I felt. I’ve wanted to come here for so long and couldn’t wait to see it all; it was almost like waiting to meet a person, a pen pal, rather than a place. My hotel, as Monaco doesn’t do hostels, was right in the centre on a street that looked like it was part of a miniature film set to be used for context shots. View Full Post

A Holiday from a Holiday in Lake Bled

Lake Bled from the castle.

Showing off Slovenia at it’s best, Lake Bled is difficult to describe as it’s more about how it feels than it looks, or even what you can do here. The picturesque lake is of course the central force, with a backdrop of mountains and historical buildings. Spending three nights here, it was relaxing, joyful and I guess the main buzz word I’d attribute it would be ‘serene’. View Full Post