Four Week Milestone: Day Train from Sibenik to Ljubliana, Slovenia

Unfortunately I didn’t have time for a three week update, but as I reach the halfway point or ‘four week milestone’ of my journey it feels symbolic, and I have a day on the train to contemplate and sleep.

Continuing my extended tour of the Balkans, I’m currently heading to the capital of Slovenia. After some initial worry, the trains seem to be better than expected and I must be re-entering a more affluent part of Europe as the trains have precious air-con.

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Two Week Milestone: Day Train from Romania to Bulgaria

Currently sat on the train from Romania to Bulgaria, I’ve come back from spending half an hour with my head facing out the corridor window in a dog-like fashion. Watching Romania speed by is a pleasure and I can’t help but think I’m doing exactly what I should be doing, and am exactly where I should be. In some ways, I’m already starting to regret the end of this trip as it’s going by so quickly!

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One Week Milestone: The Night Train from Berlin to Vienna

train station sign

Experiencing my first night train from Berlin to Vienna, of interrailing this trip and ever, was a learning experience simply from making the reservation; seat, ‘cushette’ (6-bed wagon in a carriage) or private room with shower. I opted for the ‘cushette’ to remain in budget as it only came to 15 euros, and shared a room with a lovely family. However, I spent most of the evening from the 1823 departure and 0609 arrival sat at the window in the corridor blogging and reflecting.

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A Reflective 48 Hours Visiting Berlin

Inflatable World, Berlin

Leaving Hamburg and returning to Berlin for the first time since 2009, I was a different person and that in turn, made it a different city to experience. The train journey here was quiet, and second class was better than first class in England – just a fact! Navigating to Berlin HBF and then to the hostel was a fairly quick experience, despite having to do it without using data and maps on my phone, as Germany is one of the few locations Three’s ‘Feels At Home’ programme doesn’t work.

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Last Day in the UK: Setting Off

Get Jaunty Hat

As I sit here now during the heatwave bracing the UK, I’m enjoying putting my feet up for the final time this summer, at least at home.

Last days in the UK

The last couple of weeks have been a blur of goodbyes, birthday wishes (25 again) packing, sorting and ensuring I’ve done everything I need to before setting off; this includes making sure what I leave behind is well organised for when I get back. Perhaps I shouldn’t be thinking about coming back but I’m intent on returning to normality as smoothly as possible on my return.

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