5 Tips for Photographing Historical Sites

herculaneum art

When we travel it’s an exciting time to explore and a great opportunity to put photography skills to the test. Historical sites, such as Pompeii or Stonehenge, are often hugely rewarding to visit and offer little gems for keen travel photographers.

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ASUS C300MA Chromebook Review

Chromebook unboxing

In my search for an affordable travel laptop, I found the ASUS C300MA Chromebook, which I’ve been using for a couple of weeks before I set off.

My main draw was the price, at only £179.99 (since I purchased this laptop, it’s price has gone up to £225.00 on Amazon) it’s very affordable, but after using it, the build and battery life are actually what set it apart from other Chromebooks of similar retail value.

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Guide to Buying the Best Travel Laptop

Not a Best Travel Laptop

Important, fun for some but not for others, is planning what to take when you travel. In our gadget loving year of 2015, my toughest decision has been what laptop to go travelling with, or indeed, if I should just take a tablet instead. This afternoon I bought a new ‘travel laptop’, one which is durable, lightweight and budget-friendly. The decision to buy a new laptop came after much thought on whether or not to take my Macbook Pro.

If you’re wondering what computer equipment to take and whether to shop for the best travel laptop for you, you’re in the right place.

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Probably the Best Apps for Travelling

Interrail App

A self-confessed phone addict, I’ve been researching travel apps to see what I can get for free on my phone, rather than buying something extra to carry. I started looking properly when I saw the cost of GPS trackers, particularly those I thought were a great deal until you add on subscription fees. Hence a cheeky download of ‘MapMyTracks’ on my GPS enabled smartphone.

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