Where To Find London’s Best Street Art

street art in london

I go up to London a lot and if I can, try to see what can be done around the city for free. There’s lot of museums and art galleries, but it can be more of a struggle if you’re looking for free things to do outside. There is the nose tour if you’ve heard of that, where you follow a trail of noses around the capital… not something I’ve done yet! View Full Post

5 Tips for Photographing Historical Sites

herculaneum art

When we travel it’s an exciting time to explore and a great opportunity to put photography skills to the test. Historical sites, such as Pompeii or Stonehenge, are often hugely rewarding to visit and offer little gems for keen travel photographers.

With that in mind, here are my top tips for photographing historical sites, along with some advice on how to plan ahead for the best opportunities. View Full Post

10 Best Inspirational Travel Diaries

Travel diary

In addition to checking out travel bloggers, it’s worthwhile to read some of the award-winning travel diaries that have made their way into the literary canon.

Here. you’ll find the ten best inspirational travel diaries to read before, during or after you travel. Perfect to transport you somewhere completely different and most likely to places you’ve never been before, they’ll uplift, shock and get your heart racing.

Go ahead. Pick one and delve into the best first hand accounts of exploring the globe you’ll ever find.

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