Where To Find London’s Best Street Art

street art in london

I go up to London a lot and if I can, try to see what can be done around the city for free. There’s lot of museums and art galleries, but it can be more of a struggle if you’re looking for free things to do outside. There is the nose tour if you’ve heard of that, where you follow a trail of noses around the capital… not something I’ve done yet! View Full Post

Mini Jaunt: Planning A Short Visit to Italy

rome view italy

Recently I wrote about how to overcome post-trip blues, but I didn’t touch upon one of the best ways to cheer yourself up a a big trip: planning a mini jaunt!

As I’m sure all my fellow travel bloggers will agree, it’s always best to have a new adventure in mind to keep your cultural side in tune and even that sometimes, you don’t need a reason, just a ticket 😉

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Two Months Backpacking Europe: The Summer I’ll Never Forget

This review post of my travels is something I’ve been subconsciously putting off since I came back, as it feels like the end of one of the best times of my life. Now I’m back, the trip almost feels like a dream and I have to remind myself that it happened and that for two months I lived every day to the full, seeing some of the best destinations the world has to offer!

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