The Ultimate List of Things to See in Rome

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With two trips to Rome under my belt in the last year I’ve done many of the main sights two or three times, maybe more. The main differences between my trips have been from travelling solo to with my boyfriend, and visiting in the 40C heat of August to the more reasonable 20-25C in February.

So, what are the ultimate things to see in Rome when visiting any time of year? Here’s my top ten sights and why I think you’d love them too.

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Exploring Pompeii Off Season

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Everyone knows the history of the ancient Roman city Pompeii, buried by ash in 79AD and now a fascinating archaeological site. If it wasn’t for this horrific event we wouldn’t have this huge open air museum, frozen in time. One of the first things I learnt exploring Pompeii off season was that the residents of the ancient city had no idea Mt. Vesuvius was a volcano. As people still live on it’s base today, it never occurred to me. View Full Post