Getting My Interrail Global Pass

Getting My Interrail Global Pass

When I booked my interrail global pass it was late at night and I hit purchase in a rather zombie-like state. If anything could make this trip seem real, it was going to be getting the ticket from in the post.

When I saw it had arrived ahead of time, immediately my stomach lurched and I didn’t want to open it. I actually thought if I did, I’d wake up and my adventure would be nothing more than a daydream (strange Wizard of Oz notion). After staring and staring, I finally tore the cardboard seal and reviewed my goodies.

Interrail Pass Arrives

It arrived!

What’s included

In the pack you get a standard order overview, a loss and theft coverage plan, a pass guide, map, ticket holder, wrist band and of course, the golden ticket itself; real colour light green. This ticket has been my biggest one-off expense at £488, plus £10 coverage. With this in mind, I ordered it early to help with future budgeting.

Train Ticket

I’ve got the gooooooooooolden ticket.

Since it’s arrived, I’ve hidden it in various places around my flat, trying to still exist a little in the here and now, where I’m still getting up for work and being in one country for more than a day at a time! However, this didn’t stop me from trying on the wristband and imagining myself in the middle of Venice bumping into a fellow traveller wearing the exact same.

Hidden Ticket in Flat

Best hiding place ever?

Pass acquired, the itinerary and accommodation across Europe were next on the checklist. No biggie at all, especially for a worrier.


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