Buying a Backpack in Brighton

Buying a Backpack in Brighton

With the sun shining as a reminder of the heat I’d face in Italy mid-august, I decided to make a day out of buying my first backpack for travel and headed south to Brighton. I didn’t really know what I was looking for, I had an idea of general size but no preference for design or brand.

I firstly went looking in Horsham, before heading to Brighton in the afternoon and spent a nice amount of money in Mountain Warehouse on a daytime backpack (building up to the bigger, more daunting purchase!), whistle, flexible water bottle, rain cover, travel towel, and most importantly a little first aid kit to please my parents. I then added in some energy tablets for energy emergencies.

Shopping trip

My first hoard including a travel towel the shop assistant said was good enough to wash a dog with.

Finding the right bag

Now, I go to Brighton a lot but don’t really know my way around, so I used the opportunity to first trust my judgement on how to get around, which led me as it would so many others, to the beach. After wandering round and eating fish and chips, I then more sensibly set my current location and desired location on the Google maps app. This was a lot more successful and got me to that place where they sell all the big backpacks. It also reminded me that I can’t use this amount of data abroad so prepare for the post about how I get a better european phone deal – excited? Of course you are!

Brighton Shoreline

View from Brighton Pier as I hit 8k steps on my FitBit.

After I looked around the shops, I decided to go back home and buy the Berghaus backpack I’d seen earlier in the day when I was buying first aid kits etc. The same bag was in Brighton, and I wasn’t afraid of carrying it back, but in the end I just tried it on and left to explore the Lanes; turns out I cared a bit for design as they didn’t have it in the right colour, which was purple.


Listening to my sweet tooth in the Lanes.

Armed with chocolate treats from the famous Choccywoccydoodah, I headed back home and got the backpack (in purple) fitted by the same assistant that I’d bombarded with questions in the morning: “Is 60 litres enough? Why are they measured in litres? Does it come with a rain cover?” It did come with a rain cover, so the cover I already bought needs to be quickly returned.

Bag itself is 60+10 litres, has self-adjusting straps that mean you can alter it as you go without taking it off your back, lots of different storages pockets, sleeves for bottles and even a shelf. Admittedly I haven’t worn it with anything in but it was light and comfortable so I’m calling it a success!

My First Travel Backpack

This lucky bag is the chosen one for a two month tour of Europe!

Shopping summary

Basically, buying a backpack wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, particularly as there weren’t that many options for women specific backpacks that carry more weight on┬áthe hips. As I stare at it now in my lounge, I do wonder what we’ll get up to this summer and if it’ll come back in one piece…

Got any backpacking tips like how to adjust a bag yourself and if 60 litres is enough for two months when you’re a souvenir collector?




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