Snap Happy: Photographing My Trip

Snap Happy: Photographing My Trip

So I’m a photography lover and have dabbled in the past but I’ve never got into it properly. Its been something I’ve wanted to call a hobby for a long time and I’m planning on using this trip to improve and take on some criticism for my photos.

On rereading a few photography guides written for work, a lot of the knowledge I put across has simply slipped away. Taking lots of pictures is a granted but what I want to bring back and share are some defining moments. Last weekend I visited my boyfriend’s brother who had an award-winning photo he’d taken in Thailand up on the wall; one perfect shot to symbolise my trip is what I’m after, if such a shot exists.

Hastings Jack in the Green

Taking a selfie at Hastings Jack in the Green

Cameras and cameraphones

The Nikon D6o camera has done me well and the quality of the images never disappoints but I’m being realistic. It’s a big, bulky machine that’s heavy and isn’t going to be the best thing to put in a backpack. From the weight of it, to not being able to put it under much for fear of damage, I’m afraid it’s not going to make the pack list.

Instead, I’m taking my trusty iPhone 6, whose camera skills are currently plastered all over adverts in the tube. At 8-megapixels it does the trick and I always have it on me so I can snap away and never miss an appealing scene. However, how the results will stand the test of time is a concern.

To combat this, I’m going to invest in a compact digital camera to get up to 20 megapixels. As the Nikon D60 is only about 10 megapixels it feels like a huge step up in quality and convenience when I need to pack light. And apparently no one buys these cameras anymore as with a quick look on the Curry’s site I found one for £38 and one for £60 – a small expense to capture memories.

As for my iPad, I’m refusing to take photos on it as this just looks stupid and I don’t want to embarrass myself in public.

Reading up on travel photography

Before I go putting too much pressure on myself photographing my trip, I’ve taken some time out to read some tips online about getting snap happy. Some were more lighthearted and good for cameraphones but ultimately they got me thinking that my method of taking ten or twenty photos of the same thing and reviewing later isn’t a bad idea. This definitely increases the likelihood of getting that one symbolic shot for my wall.

Lisbon Castle, Portugal

Angular shot from Nikon D60 of Lisbon Castle, Portugal

Reviewing old photos

Looking back over photos from past trips and from home has been helpful and made me smile a lot. 6months in Canada resulted in so many photos that I now cherish as they bring up good times with old friends doing everything new together. I’m planning on sharing these and photos from other travels in a ‘Snap Happy’ series, so watch this space.

As long as I’ve got the memory, and I’m taking a terabyte, I’ll turn photography into a daily project as I galavant around Europe. I also read taking pictures seriously is a good way to limit loneliness when travelling solo as it gives you focus, so to speak. Win, win.

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  1. Rosie
    10th June 2015 / 5:37 pm

    Lovely shot of Lisbon frazzle X

  2. Matt
    10th June 2015 / 7:39 pm

    I think the question on everyone’s mind is… will you be investing in a selfie-stick?

    • getjaunty
      10th June 2015 / 8:05 pm

      This has crossed my mind… I can’t confirm yet but I don’t have the longest arms! Would you ever get one?

      • Matt
        10th June 2015 / 9:20 pm

        I think this is the only situation I’d ever be tempted to get one. Ie. traveling solo so no one else is there to take them, and it’s all about you going to these places and having memories for yourself, so even if they’re just for your own collection it’s nice to have some photos with you in at all these places you’ve visited. Having said that I’d probably take a few, see all my chins, and chuck it in the nearest receptacle.

        • getjaunty
          10th June 2015 / 9:43 pm

          Yeah good points. I’m tempted as they’re about £5 and I do want a photo of me on a gondola 🙂

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