Using My Fitbit App Abroad

Using My Fitbit App Abroad

About six weeks ago I invested in a fitbit tracker to monitor my steps in a normal working week. It started off pretty low, I was doing 3k a day but I’ve upped it to 6k by taking the train into work rather than the car, as it involves a fast walk to and from the train station. I guess this little change could be labelled under ‘preparation’ for my travels. The main thing I’ve noticed since tracking is that I always fall short of the recommended daily 10k steps,  unless I go to London or Brighton. Boo! So I want to rectify this for a summer at least.

Hitting the big time

This summer, I expect to destroy the 10k target on most days and I can’t wait. I have an idea in my head that I could hit lofty step numbers like 40k. When a friend on the fitbit app went to Paris, it was clear exploring cities involves a lot of walking in a short period of time, and also looking like a total badass to fitbit fans. It’ll be an interesting comparison to walking at home as I estimate I’ll be on the move about six hours most days, as opposed to sitting at a desk and thinking about ways to fake a high step count by flapping the tracker up and down in the air.

Fitbit app at home

Comparison in the fitbit app between a day out in Brighton backpack shopping and a day at the office.

Using the app abroad

As I’m changing my phone to a Three contract with a much better data deal abroad, I should be fine logging onto the app with Bluetooth and checking my steps as obsessively as I currently do. I’m looking forward to notching up six figures over a week and challenging friends to weekend step competitions I’ll be destined to win. I’m planning a few hikes and when I head to Gorges du Verdon, I think I’ll really come into my own as there’s so much to see you basically want to run around and take it all in as quickly as you can. How much more motivation do I need?

Health benefits

Definitely doubling, maybe tripling or quadrupling what I walk in a day should get me a little healthier over two months as I’ll be burning a lot more calories and getting my muscles working. Staying and getting more fit on this trip is a personal aim as I want the energy to do everything. Yesterday I arranged my travel shots and the nurse was a bit in shock with all my destinations for the two months; it is a challenge and intentionally so!

As I plan to be on my feet the vast majority of the day, it’ll also mean I pick up food on the go, trying out the markets and grabbing local snacks rather than heavy three course meals. You can also whack this food intake into the app but I’m more interested in the step data and building it out into a fancy graph to share with you guys.

Swedish Street Food

Potential streetfood treats to indulge in when I visit Sweden in July. Credit:

Numbers, numbers, numbers

There’s another aim with the fitbit tracker; I want to be able to report a daily breakdown of steps to see in which country I walk the most and as I review the successes and failures of my trip, it can be a counter to verify how much I explored. Obviously this’ll vary in certain places… in Venice I plan to be on the water more than the pavements.

It also ties in with other trip ‘reporting’ I plan to do, keeping a tally of hostels stayed in, and trains caught etc. It’s essentially how my mind works as I like to categorise and see things in numbers and even though I’m going into the unknown, I still want something familiar to concentrate on.

Just thought of another number; total photos taken. I’m going to make a bet now that I take more photos than I do steps 😉


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