Bergen Park Life and Norwegian Fjords Cruise

Bergen Park Life and Norwegian Fjords Cruise

This morning the weather had taken a downturn and gone cloudy, yet it was still warm and there was lots more to see. During the complimentary breakfast at the hotel’s waterside, I felt so relaxed it was unreal. The view which yesterday had been bright and bathed in sunshine, still held it’s own against the elements and proved you don’t need good weather to enjoy the view.

A Get Jaunty Breakfast

I’ll have my eggs with a view please.

Fantastic views

Today the plan was to head to the other side of Bergen to Nordnesparken, which is right next to the famous aquarium. After wondering if I was walking in the right direction as it seemed deserted, I found the sign for the park and saw the panoramic views emerge as I climbed a small hill. As you look towards the water the North West Pacific Totem Pole steals the view and rivals the majesty of the dense trees. The sun was also starting to get it’s shine back.

North West Pacific Totem Pole, Bergen.

North West Pacific Totem Pole, Bergen.

The views from the park are worth the walk, especially when you reach the water’s edge, where people fish and take selfies. As it became quite muggy, the fresh breeze was very much appreciated. In the distance, I could see the route of the cruise ship I had booked for the afternoon. This photo of a statue overlooking – or looking away from – Bergen is however, more interesting to publish.

Statue overlooking Bergen

Statue overlooking Bergen

Fjords Cruise

After a quick walk back into the centre of the city, which involved some steep streets (Norway is full of hills), I was at the waterfront ready to board the White Lady, a vintage Norwegian fjords cruise experience 🙂 In total there were only nine people on the tour so there was a lot of attention to detail from the staff (of which there were three) and lots of hogging the best views from the top of the ship courtesy of myself. In truth, calling itself vintage seems like a polite way of saying dated and a little eery!

Norwegian fjord cruise

‘The White Lady’ ready to set off and explore the fjords.

The cruise was four hours and ran really smoothly through the calm waters. Up top where I spent most of the time with my boyfriend, it was brisk and rained several times but was all part of the experience. At first, we were quite far from land to our sides but became surrounded after the first hour and saw the islands in great detail, marvelling at the craggy rock sides where we imagined in some cases, man had never been.

Boyfriend joins Get Jaunty

Embracing each other and the mild weather.

As we got deeper into the fjords, the speaker system told us about their history. One story that sticks is of a thief being chased to a hillside where he buried his treasure in one of the caves. He was caught and sentenced to death. Some of the best photos came from including houses and points of reference to the size of the islands, which were giant. Red farms and salmon farms came into view, as well as a fashion museum and locals who honked a horn at us and waved.

Here’s a selection of some of the better photos, of which I took one hundred and fifty…

Fjords cruise

Beautiful contrast of colours.

Fjord greenery

Peering through the mist, a modern quarry and nearby town.

Cruise for Get Jaunty

Come say hello!

Islands in the stream

Layers and layers of natural awesome.

Back on land, and after some more exploring through the streets, the destination for dinner was Munken Bistro, a tiny Italian with only seven tables inside. As you can imagine, it was very cosy, candlelit and the food was delicious. We both had chicken lasagne followed by Tiramisu and it was the best lasagne I’ve had in my life; the hot cheese was a giant hug. A great choice, it was lucky for us – the first two restaurants we tried from TripAdvisor research were both fully booked as it was a Friday night in summer.

Munken Bistro, Bergen

Munken Bistro, Bergen.

With only a trip to the hotel bar left as I write this, Bergen has been a whirlwind 48 hours and we’ve definitely seen the best of it. I don’t feel like too much was missed as it is a small place where I’d recommend visiting for a weekend break rather than a week’s holiday.

In the morning we’ll head to the train station for the first train of this trip; a seven and a half hour tour of Norway en route to Oslo! Billed as one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world, it boasts a viewing platform and free tea and coffee throughout. Get in.



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