Bergen Olso Train Journey

Bergen Olso Train Journey

Absolutely stunning and I smiled the entire time. Taking the 7.57 train from Bergen to Oslo was the first ticket I booked, before both the flight to Norway and the interrail ticket itself.

Travelling in the NSB Komfort carriage for seven and a half hours, cost just £9 more than standard class. Leg room was huge, complete with a folding table, free tea and coffee and a viewing platform. It’s nice to stretch your legs but the best views by far come from sitting in the window seat with your legs stretched out, mouth agape.

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Ready for a Nordic adventure.

Views of a lifetime

From the start of this journey I was in heaven. As you travel up through the mountains, there are initially a lot of tunnels that as you come out the other side, tease you with fantastic views before they become normality for the remainder of the journey.

Bergen Oslo Train Journey Begins

The journey from Bergen to Oslo begins in style.

View from Finse Platform

Snowy view from Finse platform.

Sunshine, rolling hills, lakes that look painted by a great artist, steep and craggy mountainsides, glaciers, snow capped mountains, frozen lakes, beaches and forests that go on forever. It truly feels like the seasons have sped up as you go cross country. Two coffees down, the aim to ‘get jaunty’ was accomplished.

About halfway through, everywhere feels very remote and you’re hit by the urge to set up home in the middle of nowhere and rear cattle from a little wooden adobe. A few times, I jumped off the train at the stations to take in the fresh air and get whistled at by the conductor to hurry back on! As I spent a fair bit of time alone at the end of our carriage taking pictures from the right hand side where the mountains cascaded, I thought this is it, this is the most beautiful view, I’m done. Words nor photos do it justice. Thank you Norway!

Bergen to Oslo train mist


Mountains reflected in water

A great view for 10am.

Mountains and River


Snow Snow Snow

Snow snow snow… snow (like a cow).


Bridge and mist in the valleys.

Two thirds through the journey and you start to see people again and other trains as the landscape gets more populated with activity, quarries, livestock and housing. It announces that you’re nearing the city of Oslo and have come back down from the mountains; the temperature varied from 8C to 31C, although with the air con, you don’t realise.

Nearing Oslo by Train

Nearing Oslo by train.

Overall experience

To add a little review of the services on board, the food carriage is stylish with american style diner tables and stools, but the food is very similar to what you might expect on a First Great Western sleeper train from London to Penzance… so not advisable. The free hot drinks in Komfort are a great extra and taste pretty good for machine coffee. When you book, be sure not to choose the kids and family carriage unless you have young children; walking through to check out the food, it was very noisy and very chaotic!

Arriving in Oslo, there’s a different vibe to Bergen as it’s more metropolitan and bustling. The sculpture park (you might know the one with all the strangely positioned men) and Edvard Munch’s The Scream await – however, it’s got a lot of competition from what I’ve just seen en route.


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