A Taste of Hamburg

A Taste of Hamburg

Getting to Hamburg was an entertaining mission full of surprises. Leaving Copenhagen early in the morning, there was a replacement bus service to the middle of nowhere, literally.

If you Google Roedby Fergen there are no images, but hopefully this post will change that fact. From here, the train unexpectedly boarded a boat… where we journeyed across the channel and entered Germany, country number four.

Boat from Copenhagen to Hamburg

Train on the Boat

Exploring Hamburg

Arriving after our train crossed land to Hamburg, we were starting to feel a little dejected and travel worn. It was cold, pouring with rain and very crowded and chaotic at the station. We debated heading straight on to Berlin but there were actually no hostel places available given that it was peak season.

Perking up and deciding to enjoy Hamburg regardless, came at the same moment the rain dispersed and the sun started to a shine. A sign from above perhaps? Taking the metro to the hostel, we saw a lot of the cityscape and the harbour, appreciating the city for what it was; a beautiful, historical place.

Hamburg Harbour

Hamburg harbour.

Our only desire for Hamburg was rather basic; we wanted to eat a Hamburger in Hamburg. Choosing a fancy hotel restaurant near to the water, we had a medium rare burger and felt complete.

A Hamburger in Hamburg

Sampling a hamburger in Hamburg. Living the dream.

Deciding to stroll around the city in the rain, we checked out the Opera House – Operettenhause – and what I think was some sort of strange and brightly decorated hotel.

Hamburg Opera House

Hamburg Opera House.

Hamburg Hotel

Hamburg hotel?

In this main square and shopping district, we got lost and the paper map we’d taken from the hostel was becoming pulp in our hands and tore on the street we believed we were on! This was pretty liberating as there’s nothing quite like not knowing where you are.

Get Jaunty & the Soggy Map

Get Jaunty & the soggy map mystery.

The next morning, we left early having gotten everything prepared the night before for a hasty exit to Berlin (from Hamburg to Berlin, in every disco I go in… ) and enjoyed some wurst for breakfast. I even had an espresso when I usually never drink caffiene! The Hamburg train station was actually very nice and buying a ticket was easy with English instructions and a step-by-step guide. I’ve been amazed in my first week travelling just how much free Wi-Fi you can find if you look.


So, Hamburg was a bit let down by us in that we didn’t give it the chance it probably deserves, but as most of the best bits such as the parks are outside, it wasn’t the right time to explore it thoroughly. On TripAdvisor, the top rated attraction is a miniature village, which may give you some idea of the amount there is to do here! However, I’m pleased to say I’ve been and seen it, and maybe I’ll be back on day to see a bit more. For now, Hamburg for me was all about the journey rather than the destination.

If you’ve been to Hamburg and had a similar experience or think we missed out, let me know in the comments below. Now en route to Berlin, I’m remembering my last visit to the capital in 2009 where my friend ate something like fifty sausages in four days and I got caught up in a freak snow storm, albeit brief.

Once again I’ll hand over to Caroline for her snapshot of events:

Top Attraction

Definitely eating a hamburger in Hamburg – I thought this was a stroke of comedic genius, although I’m not sure the locals agreed…

Favourite Memory

Getting lost in the cold, windy rain was interesting – maybe more so in hindsight than at the time! Not a fan of paper maps. Apple and Google were onto something when they invented their respective “maps” apps.

Top Tip

We were quite surprised at how cheap and easy the metro was, so would definitely take advantage of this. I’d also say pretty much every German we encountered spoke perfect English which is always a massive bonus (although needless to say my blonde hair and blue eyes did instigate a few german conversations, which often ended with me shaking my head going “english, english!”)


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