The Sloths at Budapest Zoo

The Sloths at Budapest Zoo

Budapest Zoo has a fantastic area for sloths to thrive and offers great interaction for zoo visitors. Here’s how my visit went; scroll down for some pictures of the cute animals in action:

Once I’d left Vienna on a morning train, the time had finally arrived to visit the sloths at Budapest Zoo! I visited this city in March this year for several days, so only budgeted enough time on this trip to head to the Zoo for the afternoon. As I got into the station, it was baking and I had to queue for everything from ATM to reserving a seat on the night train, so lost out on some initial time.

After storing my luggage in a train station locker, I raced to the Zoo and Botanical gardens, which were roughly a thirty minute walk away. This is where Google Maps decided to troll me as it came up with a notification; “Your destination may be closed when you arrive. Opening hours 10:00 – 16:00”. As I power walked through 31C, I was half expecting to spend my time in the park rather than with sloths, and this was difficult.

Throwback to this awesome guy chilling out at Budapest Zoo ❤️

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Exploring Budapest Zoo

Luckily, Google was wrong and the Zoo shut at 19:00, giving me three hours with the sloths… and some other animals. As I discovered the sloths in the American Tropics section, I was very, very happy. Their main or rather, famous, enclosure wasn’t open as they have a little one, but I was able to see them from an outside station and also from an inside viewing platform.

Sloth on a branch.

Sloth being a sloth. Sloths.

Family of sloths

Family of sloths hanging around.

Inside, I was making eye-contact with one of the adult two-toed sloths when it started to swing it’s way  to the front of the viewing platform, then to the side, and then to me! This is when dreams came true as I got to touch a sloth! He also licked me and let me play with his toes 🙂 This was especially surprising as I didn’t expect to have such a specific interaction; perhaps he recognised one of his own kind when I arrived? A special time I will undoubtedly cherish.

Sloth at Budapest Zoo

Sloth up close!

Get Jaunty Meets Sloth

Hold the press!

Sloth magic

Sloth magic.

Once I tore myself away from the sloths, I found there were other animals here as well, surprisingly!

Here’s my best of the rest:

Elephant at Budapest Zoo | Get Jaunty

Elephant going to be fed.

Anteater at Budapest Zoo

Anteater. Very classy.

Animals at the zoo

I don’t know what these are.

Next stop, Sibiu, Romania. Country number seven!

Getting to Budapest Zoo

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