Two Week Milestone: Day Train from Romania to Bulgaria

Two Week Milestone: Day Train from Romania to Bulgaria

Currently sat on the train from Romania to Bulgaria, I’ve come back from spending half an hour with my head facing out the corridor window in a dog-like fashion. Watching Romania speed by is a pleasure and I can’t help but think I’m doing exactly what I should be doing, and am exactly where I should be. In some ways, I’m already starting to regret the end of this trip as it’s going by so quickly!

Disappearing doubts

If I had any doubts about  this trip, they’ve completely gone now I’ve had my first week solo. I feel I’m experiencing so much and doing so much for myself that I’m learning something new every day. This morning I got told I was brave to do this trip alone, but I don’t feel brave. I just feel privileged that I can do a two month trip around Europe for the summer. Perhaps because I never envisaged it as a group or couples trip, it removes an element of that fear or loneliness.

I’m actually finding that I’m more relaxed by myself and if anything goes wrong I don’t have to worry about someone else, and how it is affecting them. With just myself, I know it’ll be fine as any issues will resolve and I’m not going to be stuck in the middle of nowhere for too long. I wonder if most people would feel the same, or is it more comforting travelling in groups?

Palace Romania

Something of note is that the Europe I’m experiencing is constantly changing, and where I am now is very different from the Norway scenes I started out with. I’ve essentially travelled from luxury and wealth to somewhere a lot poorer and seen the quality of life in between. Crossing borders also isn’t as strenuous as you might expect, so being part of the EU does have it’s perks.

Romania to Bulgaria

The train has now crossed the border into Bulgaria, my eighth country of sixteen. In some ways this day has been an odd one because I’ve been on the train during the day where the heat is a little bit too much in these cabins THAT HAVE NO AIR CON, hence why I keep going out to the window to cool off. The Americans in the cabin are good company, en route themselves to Istanbul; a 24 hour journey that puts my seven hour stint in the shade. I’m also entertaining myself away from the blog, by listening to the new Harper Lee novel. Good going so far.

In my reflection, as I stick to the seat, I’ve thought of something I do miss. I miss wearing dresses and feeling clean! This actually isn’t coming from a girly standpoint, I just like dresses and not being sweaty; bare minimum level of ‘fashion’ and cleanliness.

Also, I believe the new key to exploring is taking advantage of free walking tours!



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