An Afternoon Exploring Zagreb

An Afternoon Exploring Zagreb

Zagreb was a destination I was actively avoiding on this trip as it felt like quite a bland place that was more of a travel hub, not a place worth visiting over passing through. My opinion today isn’t much different after visiting, not helped by the cold and rain that cast a gloomy mood over the Croatian capital.

After storing my luggage at the train station, I grabbed a quick lunch, made use of free Wi-Fi and then went walking. Outside the train station you’re met with quite a view as the buildings themselves are grand, leading you to a park with multiple fountains and statues.

Only ten minutes to the centre of the city, there isn’t much to distinguish it from anywhere else in Europe. I was a bit underwhelmed to be back in a modern city with let’s say, less character, than my other choices but there was still plenty to see. The cathedral was a highlight and I went in during mass which they had open to the public.

Again, like in SIbenik, there was a high density of religious buildings all very close in the centre, of which I went in a second before looping round through local markets and near enough empty squares. The only people around were lacklustre tourists who luckily had umbrellas on them.

It was easy to see shopping here would be a great experience for anyone who likes shopping. As I don’t, I merely checked out the structure of the buildings and the general design of the square, decorated majestically with a classic ‘man on a horse’ statue.

As I returned to the station after exploring Zagreb, travel wise everything had gone to plan. I’d avoided extra costs by taking the train which my inter rail ticket covers and was able to explore Zagreb and take a break from travelling. However, the train from the capital here to Ljubljana failed to leave on time because they couldn’t connect the train carriages. It actually left thirty five minutes late, meaning I was at risk of losing my hotel reservation without paying 40 euros for a late check-in. I was going to be cutting it fine to arrive before 10pm but because the hotel was situated one block from the station, I remained hopeful.

In the end, I made check-in by ten minutes after quickly navigating the short distance from the train station. Looking forward to another quick explore of a new capital tomorrow, sweet dreams!


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