Choccywoccydoodah Cafe Review, Brighton

Choccywoccydoodah Cafe Review, Brighton

I first heard of Choccywoccydoodah from my mum who mentioned the Sky documentary based on this poetically named, bespoke, chocolate design shop in Brighton. For those of us without Sky, the best option is to seek out this treat of a place by following the chocolately smell through the famous laines of Brighton, past the Bath Arms pub, and up the stairs into the sinful Choccywoccydoodah cafe.

First Impressions

Choccywoocydoodah shop.

Passing the downstairs shop as you ascend, it feels like something from Alice in Wonderland, a secret no one else knows as it’s tucked away above the bustling streets. Cosy and magical, before you enter the cafe, there’s a permanent display of tiered cake designs, set in a garden-esque scene. From cakes with rabbits, to those with unicorns, your eyes rush to take it all in, whilst your body and tastebuds try to launch you prematurely to the table service!

Chocolate can be made into a work of art.

The cafe itself is the perfect size so it feels exclusive and seats around 35 sugar junkies at a time. Visiting on a Friday afternoon, we walked straight in and took a table by the back wall where the menu is on display. If this is too big and daunting for you, the wait staff pop over with a chalk board menu as they wave to say hello, only coming back for your order when you’re settled and done taking photos! If only everywhere could be as welcoming…


An unusual shot I'm sure of the cafe after several tables left satisfied.

Apart from how friendly the staff are, what strikes is the variety in the design; garden furniture, wooden benches, thrones? Albeit I was there when the Halloween decorations were up, it’s still clear to see that it’s always a colourful place to take a break and grab a warm drink. If you venture back downstairs to the loo, it feels more of an event than usual, which might have something to do with the glittered walls and disco ball!

The Food

Choccywoocydoodah Cake

Ordering a hot chocolate (milk, not dark) and a slice of the incredibly indulgent six layered chocolate cake, served with strawberry sauce and ice-cream to share with my sister, we were gobsmacked when it turned up!

Apart from the generous portion, the smell was tantalising and the cake itself was covered in proper chocolate, by which i mean thick, milky, tasty, Choccywoccydoodah chocolate. After a good attempt, we failed to finish our ‘slice’ and in reality, this could easily be enough to split between three or four people. Moist, rich and aesthetically OMG, it meant the hot chocolate had to wait it’s turn. On a return visit, I’d try out the dark hot chocolate instead of the milk as it was a bit too sweet for my own tastebuds.

I didn’t try them out on the day, but the cafe also offers a range of milkshakes that looked very attractive and were available to take away. Something I hope to try on a future trip to Brighton.

Jauntiness Rating

Choccywoccydoodah Menu

Satisfied that a sugar high had been achieved and that the get jaunty mission was complete, it was lovely not to be rushed to pay or to leave. I imagine on weekends it’ll be busier but I’d recommend going at a similar time to me as it means you can wander round and explore the decorations – my particular favourite being the cushions that look like the cross section of a tree.

Great atmosphere, welcoming staff and sugary treats too good and big to be true, all while being a ten minute walk from the beach. Basically, if you love chocolate, you’re not going to go wrong here!


Getting there


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