March’s Top 5 Instagram Travel Snaps

March’s Top 5 Instagram Travel Snaps

Instagram is becoming a new online home for me and something to use for travel inspiration. I never quite got the appeal of looking at other people’s photos until earlier this year, and instead just enjoyed sharing my own.

To make the most of my new found love of browsing through thousands of unique photos from around the world, I’m going to record and share my favourites each month. It really is a great community offering something for everyone.

Here goes…

5. Taken in Alleppey, India by travel blogger Katerina Vasou this photo is simply stunning. The colours are beautiful and the way the trees frame the shot is wonderful. Very serene and makes me wonder how many sunsets I take the time to watch at home.


4. Immediately this picture took me back to Venice in August 2015. In particular, a lovely evening I spent walking the water’s edge and seeing the view from the tower in the main square. An evening which I capped off by getting lost and my phone battery dying… luckily I sort of remembered where I was staying. Eventually.

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3. I’ve had Wyld Family Travel on my social channels for a number of months now and get pretty jealous of their itinerary! This photo from Liechtenstein Castle, Germany back in October has brilliant colours, an interesting subject and just really wakes up your imagination.


2. This one just made me laugh and I liked the contrast of the red chairs against the white and blue background colours. #travelgoals

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1. My favourite of the last month is this photo I spied on Globetrotting. It kept creeping back into my head, making me want to go on an adventure.


Each month this will be an overview of the best travel snaps I’ve seen, which means they may not be from the same month as I scroll quite far down in the app 😉 If you’ve got anyone to recommend following let me know with a comment below!


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