Four Reasons Why I’d Travel to Bandung, Indonesia

Four Reasons Why I’d Travel to Bandung, Indonesia

If you’ve checked out my list of destinations, you’ll know that I haven’t yet made it to Asia. The only reason being is time and there being a whole lot of world to see. This weekend I’ve gone home and couldn’t help thinking about a travel plan for Indonesia and have set my sights on the capital of West Java – Bandung.

So, after my research, here’s four reasons why I’d travel to Bandung and if you’ve been before, please let me know how you found it. I’d love to hear some real life stories!

coffee bans

Amazing coffee

When you think of Java you probably also think of that lovely coffee aroma. I only started drinking coffee and caffeine about two years ago and have gradually worked my way from milky lattes to black coffee. In Bundung you’re in the home of Aroma Kopi, a coffee shop that uses local beans to create a brew with a low acidity level; a method they’ve been using since the 1930s. Hidden away in Braga, you can sample the unique taste at the source.

A wave of serenity literally happens whenever I think about this experience. Back in the UK, I’m currently enjoying Nespresso pods but there’s no contest.

hotel padma

The life of luxury

Backpacking in Europe¬†was a fantastic experience that I truly treasure, but nearly a year on I’m dreaming of something more luxurious and slower paced. Clean clothes, comfy bed… amazing views. As I’d want to walk and explore, I think for staying in Bandung I’d go central for my base; when interrailing I always stayed near the main stations, so it’s a good rule of thumb.

The Padma Hotel Bandung is in the Cidadap area and is nestled right in the heart of nature. The greenery and mountains surrounding it are the epitome of the Indonesian landscape and somewhere I can imagine myself taking time out between horse rides and walking tours.

floating market

Pasar Pagi

Bandung is famous for it’s Pasar Pagi, or floating market Lembang. The colourful market is open to all and offers everything from food to books. It’s very popular with visitors as you get to haggle for goods and pick up a bargain souvenir. You can switch to local currency at the market from all other well-known currencies, such as sterling and American dollars.

The main reason this appeals to me is I’m sure I’d see something new and get some great photos at the same time. For more information on this market, check out the notes on TripAdvisor, my go to for things to do in any new destination.

me relaxing


I’ve never gone anywhere in the world to simply relax, but in all honesty, I think I’m old enough that I might need a holiday to take it easy! Bandung seems perfect for this as all the cultural aspects are on your doorstep – there’s even a Geology museum – but you’e not going to miss out just strolling along and enjoying the view. I’d definitely be satisfied with a coffee and a spot by the pool. Speaking of coffee, what could be more relaxing that a coffee shop that’s also a library?¬†COKOTETRA Drinks & Library would likely get a visit on my first day.

So, if Bandung, Indonesia is the latest destination on my wish list, what’s yours and why?


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