Why You Should Visit Patagonia, Argentina

Why You Should Visit Patagonia, Argentina

What does Patagonia make you think of? The most southern city in the world? The last civilised place before the white hugeness of Antarctica? The nightmare of many sailors who tried to sail in the Cape Horn?  Or simply the end of the world?

Speaking with Tristan Libault from travel agency Argentina Excepcion, here’s a look at the great region of Patagonia and why you should consider visiting in the future:


Bariloche, at the gates of an adventure

Northern Patagonia, also named the Patagonia of Lakes, is still a peaceful region where you’ll enjoy many mountain activities. Go to Bariloche where you can observe many chalets and ski stations. This city is a paradise for those who enjoy the life of the mountain dweller! From hiking and climb to rafting and riding, the Andes mountains will become your playground! Discover the many rivers and get lost trying to fish rainbow trout. Drink homemade beer and eat the chocolate of Bariloche which is a speciality of the region.


To the discovery of the Seven Lakes

In the Nahuel Huapi National Park, the Route of the Seven Lakes enables you to see many beautiful lakes with turquoise water and sumptuous landscapes! From the blue Correntoso Lake to the splendid Espejo Lake, this region is an Eden for fishermen and for those who like walking. Take a car and go down on the road, stop where you want and plunge in the green water of the Lago Escondido. Drive at the foot of the Andes Mountains, enjoy the beautiful landscapes and try to find the best view over the Lakes!


Trekking in the Andes Mountains

Do you like trekking? Welcome to El Chalten, the national trekking capital! It’s the main access point to Los Glaciares Park which extend over 724,000 hectares. It includes 47 glaciers like the legendary Perito Moreno in the Patagonian Ice Cap. The Perito Moreno is a huge glacier (5 km large and 60 m high) and one of the few which keeps advancing 700 meters per year. Prepare yourself and walk on the ice to discover these beautiful white giants! If you’re experienced, you can also try to climb up on the Fitz Roy which is known for its level of difficulty! If you decided to go to El Calafate, dare cross the frontier to discover the Torres del Paine National Park en Chilli, it’s a real wonder and one of the most beautiful sceneries of South America. It contains valley, waterfalls, forests, lakes… There is something for everyone!


Welcome to Tierra del Fuego

South… South… You are entering the legendary Tierra del Fuego. Are you ready to go to the end of the world? The Tierra del Fuego National Park is limited by the Canal Beagle and the cerros Martial and Vinciguerra. It protects a marine wildlife and worth a walk for its lenguas forest or its beaver dams. This land was baptized Tierra del Fuego by Magellan when he saw the flaming bonfires of the natives on the coast.


Ushuaia, the end of the world

Take the Magellan’s strait and discover the legendary Ushuaia. There, you can feel a real end-of-the-world atmosphere… The strong wind rushing at your face while you’re observing the Beagle Canal, which is the most important boat cemetery in the world (185 km!)… You have to see it by yourself to form an idea about it! It’s indescribable! Finally, end your trip by going to the Fin del Mundo museum and make stamp your passport with the stamp “end of the world”: it’s the best souvenir you can get!


Do you like sea lions?

If you want to see the marine wildlife, visit the Valdes Peninsula and enjoy the sea elephants, the sea lions, the dolphins, the Magellan penguins, the cormorants, the seagulls etc. There, the marine fauna, the terrestrial wildlife and the avian fauna are really predominant in this region! You have to check the seasons before going to Valdes Peninsula: if you travel between August and October you’ll see the famous Southern Right Whales coming to breed in the Puerto Madryn bay. It’s the biggest mammal on earth which has the baleen structure in the mouth to filter water. Chance for the safaris enthusiast!

So, what are you waiting for?

This post is written by Tristan Libault, on behalf of Argentina Excepcion, a travel agency in Buenos Aires. 


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