Top 5 Winter Holiday Destinations in 2016

Top 5 Winter Holiday Destinations in 2016

If you’re like me then you probably look to travel throughout the year, winter included. This may not always be to catch some sun or on the flip side, to chase that ‘white Christmas’ – there’s everything on offer from culture to adventure breaks if that’s your thing.

With Christmas coming up soon, I wanted to take a look and think about the many people that may take advantage of their annual leave to go on holiday and enjoy somewhere away from home this winter. I myself have a wintry weekend booked in Bath Spa.

Immediately I decided to focus on ‘big’ destinations as we’re more inclined to go all out at this time of year. With budget thrown out the window, here’s five top worldwide destinations. Now, they’re all from my dream list so I haven’t been yet; let me know what you think and any tips if you’ve visited the below?



With its desert climate, the weather here is always warm and sunny which is ideal during winter. Gambling enthusiasts enjoy spending their time in many of the casinos that line the Vegas Strip, such as the famous Paris Casino. The casino features replicas of the most popular landmarks of Paris including the Eiffel Tower. Poker is the most popular game played here but other common casino games are available.

Definitely a city to visit when you’ve got the energy to stay up all night, it’s been the feature of plenty of Hollywood films that have boosted it’s profile.



With its relations now having improved with the U.S., even more travellers around the world are seeing the appeal of this Caribbean island. Its climate has long been pleasant for those wanting to cast away their winter doldrums and you can just as easily take to the water as you can go on a beautiful hike through the landscape.

The City of Havana provides a lot of culture to take in when visiting… especially if you’re a fan of a certain rum beverage! Indulge in the spicy cuisine of the island as well if your stomach can take it; the locals make it fresh and it’s really affordable too.



The African continent is becoming an appealing destination for winter holidays. Considered one of the last great frontiers on the continent, the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park is a must see.

This park actually crosses into three different countries but visitors pass freely to observe African wildlife such as buffalo, giraffes and elephants. That sounds like the perfect bucket-list situation – three countries in one day!



A warm climate and the inviting waters of Jumeirah Beach make this a truly attractive option for the winter; laid back, scenic and full of luxury. The modern city has many amenities and absolutely gorgeous hotels that have been purpose built over the years to be top-class; you can even find 7* hotels!

Apart from the location itself, shopping is popular here at the Mall of the Emirates¬†where everything is tax-free. I’m not a big shopper but even I can see how this would play into someone’s thought process to visit!



Located in Malaysia, this forested area features luxury resorts tucked into the beautifully kept woodland. Plan to visit from December to April as this is the dry season and the best time to explore the ‘epic’ landscape. Bird watchers enjoy observing the rare birds in the area but it’s good for everyone to appreciate nature at it’s finest.

Maybe some in here you haven’t thought of before? I’m not sure if or when I’ll make it to these destinations but it’s always good to have a travel dream yet to be made a reality.

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