Burger & Lobster Restaurant Review, London

Burger & Lobster Restaurant Review, London

This Saturday I visited London to see a friend and take in a show (The Play that Goes Wrong). Before this however, we decided to try out Burger & Lobster on Dean Street. I spent a little while Googling the chain and was struck by the mixed reviews.

Restaurant review

Open to trying something a bit different and wearing a bib in public, I was optimistic! Walking past Honest Burger and seeing Patty & Bun nearby, the area was certainly the right spot for Burger & Lobster and as I got inside, it was really welcoming.

Although I had mixed feelings about the lobsters in the tanks, you can’t really criticise the restaurant when you’re going there to eat the fresh seafood they’re offering.

Burger and Lobster Restaurant

The lighting was muted yet stylishly low-hanging and the temperature was quite toasty where we sat at the back of the restaurant, up on a raised level. The waitress was friendly and the lobster design on the cutlery was a nice touch.

Food review

With a simple menu – lobster, burger, lobster roll, chips – you can’t really go wrong. The best value for two seemed to be getting the combo for £28.00. Combine this with a couple of soft drinks and extra chips and it comes to £21 each, rather than £20 for an individual main.

After ordering you can expect up to a 15 minute wait for food and the presentation cannot be faulted; coming out on a large tray, it’s time to wear the bib.

Burger and Lobster Combo


The lobster tasted fresh and well cooked. The meat was soft as it was steamed and you have half of the main body as well as a claw each. You get a special scoop to help you remove the meat but I opted for using my hands a couple of times so I could enjoy it hot.

Whilst you certainly get more than enough food sharing the combo, there isn’t really a lot of lobster meat to capture from the shell. The garlic butter sauce should definitely be tried once you’ve had a bite of the meat by itself. Very tasty.

Burger and Lobster Food at an Angle


We ordered the burger medium and it was cooked exactly to our request. I’d compare it to a GBK or Byron burger. The bun wasn’t soft but was fresh and came covered in seeds and the steak burger was topped with juicy salad and cheese. You can also opt for bacon.

Ultimately, if you like premium burgers such as Five Guys or Shake Shack, even Honest Burger or Big Ferdinand, it isn’t going to blow your mind. It’s just a tasty burger.


Thinly cut, the fries come out super hot and well-salted. Served in those little buckets so after a while they will get soggy at the bottom – but not a problem if you dig in.

Burger and Lobster Bib

Jauntiness Rating

For overall experience and atmosphere, I give Burger & Lobster, Dean St. London a 9/10 and the food itself a 7/10. Thanks for the hand wipes!

Have you been and agree or disagree, or want to visit and found this helpful? Let me know with a comment below.

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