One Night in the Angel Posting House & Livery, Guildford

One Night in the Angel Posting House & Livery, Guildford

After buying our first home together we decided to enjoy some UK based city breaks rather than going abroad, which led us to spend a weekend in Guildford, Surrey.

Now, when I go away I always spend a lot of time looking at hotels because I just love the thought of staying over in a new place – freshly made bed, tea and coffee in your room and a warm welcome at reception.

From my european interrail trip, I have a Genius membership on so looked here for the most popular hotels in Guildford. This is how we ended up finding and booking a night in the Angel Posting House & Livery, and this is my review of our stay.

A bit about the Angel Posting House

Located on the high street in Guildford, on any visit to the city it can’t be missed. The historic building dates back to the 1300s and has a black-and-white 16th century frontage to draw you in.

Timber beams speak of the past throughout the building and below the restaurant is a 12th century stone vaulted undercroft – available for private bookings.

Hotel Landing

Boasting such character, rooms aren’t numbered but named after previous notable guests, including Jane Austen, Lord Byron and Oliver Cromwell. For our stay, we were walked through the main lobby and winding corridors, which included a brush past a 17th century parliamentary clock and cosy seating area. You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d entered a museum or gallery.

Our junior suite


After initially dropping off our luggage to explore the city for the morning, we returned to check-in and explore our junior suite with lounge, bedroom and bathroom overlooking the old carriageway below – where horses used to rest on their postal journey’s to the coast.


The room itself was atmospheric and a great size for two. Cosy and warm, if not a little dated in quality rather than appearance, it was easy to get settled. Perhaps the best bit about this suite was that it was the furthest room of the 22 in the hotel, meaning we had complete peace and quiet.

In the carpet, an iron stain was a little comical and the toiletries were good quality, as you’d expect for such a charming hotel.

The only thing was, the corridor from the lounge to the bedroom didn’t have a door or screen, which led to me imagining ghosts just out of sight! Maybe that’s just what you get for booking a hotel with a bit of a reputation for being haunted, although I can report we didn’t see a thing.

Staff and facilities

When we arrived the staff seemed a bit rushed off their feet, a small observation, but were pleasant enough as they showed us to our room. We were delayed slightly in the lobby as they had to check our suite had been cleaned, but the atmosphere here, fireplace, and of course the famous clock eased the pain.

Landing Gallery

In amongst the historic elements, to the right of the lobby is Bill’s Restaurant, open to the public but with immediate access from the hotel itself. We went here after an afternoon exploring the castle and other sights, and it was the perfect nearby and candlelit venue.

Would we book here again? I can’t really fault the experience as the location is the best for seeing Guildford and it’s somewhere different and unique. I do feel after paying the extra costs to stay here, it suits itself to a nice one off experience rather than a repeat venture.

Angel Posting House

A real treat when visiting Surrey, you’ll find the Angel Posting House and Livery good value and worth writing home about. You can book on most popular hotel websites or visit for a fascinating stay.

Don’t miss having a coffee in the lobby and take some time to wander the halls to get a real feel for the character of the building. With all the attractions in easy reach, it turns into an experience itself and one you’ll remember over a Premier Inn or Travel Lodge.

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