Tips For Finding a Job While Travelling

Tips For Finding a Job While Travelling

When it comes to looking for work, the world is a much smaller place today thanks to technology. As innovative IT has been advancing over the past few decades, we’re now at the point where we can manage our daily life with much more ease.

The same goes for being on the road and living the ‘nomad’ life. When you’re travelling all you really need is a laptop or a mobile with an Internet connection and you can stay in touch with family and friends, blog and even get a job.

If you’re travelling and want to keep your funds up so you can:

  • travel for longer
  • stay in better accommodation
  • be creative
  • travel to more destinations
  • have peace of mind
  • produce a portfolio

Then, finding work you can do remotely from your laptop is essential. To start you off, there are many great recourses online that will help you to search and find a suitable job; you want something you can enjoy and that makes the most of your skills so your in a good position when you return home.

For starters, check out sites like where you will find all the latest job opportunities in the UK, and create a profile on LinkedIn, the largest professional social network. Both sites make it easier to find work and for potential employers to find you – no matter where you are in the world.

Now, here are some great tips that will help you in search for a job.

Don’t rely solely on your CV

Don’t rely solely on your CV to help you find employment. The likelihood is that a company will either scan it or not look at it at all if a role is popular with candidates. While it is essential to have a CV that’s up to date and showcases your core skills, don’t expect that alone it will land you the job.

With so much competition, finding a job is more than just sending out your CV. It is crucial to also send out a passionate cover letter to set you apart from the rest and to make sure you follow up with your application; just remember, it is important that you call rather than text or email.

It is also worthwhile to send across some of your work, for example if you’re applying for a writer’s position, send in your latest feature or some links to previously published work online that you’re proud of. This will make your application more memorable.


Finding a job is not just looking at online job sites and classifieds. It is also important to get out there and let people know who you are. Networking is the key to this. Social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter enable you to network with others who may not be located in your city or even country.

Make sure you follow influencers in your chosen industry and engage with them online. You never know who is reading and it may be that firms and recruiters spot you through your online presence and will get in touch about opportunities.

Heading to industry events, such as conferences is also advisable. You can hand out QR codes linking to your website, perhaps to a landing page all about what you want from a role.


Make full use of technology

With this in mind, embrace and make full use of the technology you have available. Today’s technology means that doing things in person is not always necessary and is preferable especially if your in a different timezone. Tools like Skype, which is completely free, make it possible to have an interview with a prospective employer over the Internet and not be in the same room as them.

The main perk of online interviews is that you can set yourself up comfortably and combat some of those nerves beforehand. It also makes you incredibly flexible so you can accept the best interview date and time for yourself and your potential employer.

Turn your skills into a job

If you have a talent such as languages, music or any other creative skills, think about offering lessons, advice workshops or training. Using your skills to teach others could allow you to turn your talents into a self-employed role.

One option would be to consider advertising or talking to others about what you can teach. Again, there are a lot of online communities for such promotion, meaning as long as you’re online, you can be working towards your financial goals.

It’s also worth considering, if funds allow, doing some volunteering work to boost your persona and portfolio before applying for paid work. It’s a good way to get out there, improve your CV and also network; you never know who you might meet.


With today’s technologies finding work is more simple, so stay positive and take advantage of the opportunities that come your way! Working and travelling can be a lot to juggle but plenty of people do it and really enjoy the more creative, flexible route of earning money.

You can also find opportunities with online social influencing – check out my button at the bottom of this post.

Do you blog on the road and manage to get a steady income, either from blogging or another flexible job role? Let me know with a comment below – would love to hear your experiences.

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