Tasting Bleecker Burger, Victoria, London

Tasting Bleecker Burger, Victoria, London

Bleecker Victoria, 205 Victoria St, Westminster, London SW1E 5NE. Burgers and fries for two.

On 23rd January 2017 Bleecker Burger opened up it’s first permanent site on the north end of Victoria. A second location in addition to their spot at Spitalfields market, it’s home to what Time Out called the best burger in London in 2016 – the Bleecker Black.

Our first stop once we left the train at Victoria, it’s how we kicked-off a foodie weekend in late January that also involved Duck & Waffle and the Cereal Killer Cafe. Following Google Maps, we arrived to a front and interior design that’s black with white lettering, branded like the market location (as you’d expect).

Bleecker Victoria

Permanent restaurant

Inside you have bars and stools combing the walls instead of table and chairs; in the centre is where you browse the large menu over the kitchen and get ready to make your order. This can be a difficult decision as it all sounds great.

Inside Bleecker Victoria

Knowing what we wanted, we quickly ordered two Bleecker Blacks and a fries to share on the side. Part of the reason we shared the fries was due to the sheer size of these burgers as we’d seen them on social media. It was a good decision; we didn’t need much more than the burgers to be full and they were a bit limp and soggy on the day when we prefer crisper fries.

Taking a seat overlooking the street, we had about a five minute wait. The smells of the kitchen can make this seem longer, in a good way, but soon our order number was called and we collected them in eager anticipation.

Bleecker Black burger

Bleecker Black Burger

Opening the box, the Bleecker Black comes sliced in half, which is firstly really helpful as you need two hands to manage each half, and secondly, it shows off the quality of the meat and you can see exactly how it’s cooked. All burgers come medium rare but you can ask for different levels. Mine was a medium, although still a little on the medium rare side.

So, what is a Bleecker Black? It’s a two patty burger in a bun with black pudding right in the middle, cheese, onion and sauce. You really can’t get this anywhere else but now it’s been done, a variation will surely pop up somewhere. This however is the original, the best and the innovator.

Bleecker Black and Fries, Victoria

The result is a burger that tastes phenomenal and is some of the best beef I’ve ever tried (including steak in Florence). It’s so good it’s gone too quickly but is definitely worth the £10, which may at first seem a little steep.

It’s rich, aged, beyond BBQ satisfaction and the flavour seeps into the bun making it a delicious mess. Not to add to the overuse of this phrase in food reviews, but it’s a perfect melt in your mouth experience. Truly it’s a must for any burger fan and is especially fully loaded with meat. The black pudding does make it salty, so grab a water for afters.

Holding a Bleecker Burger

A treat that looks and tastes fantastic, I’d love to go back to either location and try the bacon cheese burger and one of the craft beers on offer.

Have you been? Do you like your burger cooked medium rare? Let me know with a comment below.

Getting there

All trains, tubes and buses heading to Victoria Station.

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