Why You Should Road Trip in an Automatic

Why You Should Road Trip in an Automatic

Automatics cars make a whole lot of difference when travelling, when at home and abroad. They are easier to drive, and they provide extra rest to one of your legs making it all less tiring. Also, there are automatic cars that come with remote car starters worth considering.

Planning a roadtrip

If you’re in the midst of planning a road trip you should definitely consider the benefits of automatic cars, especially if you’ll drive for long periods of time.

Here are five ‘need to know’ things about automatic cars which I picked up from IT expert and researcher Jonathan, a writer at www.sakerracing.com where many aspects of automatics are reviewed:

Driving an automatic car is less stressful

Everyone wants to make his or her life easier, for example, why would you wash all your clothes with your hands when you have a machine for that? Automatic transmissions are not that different. An automatic car will handle all the gear related things for you, and this is how it frees your right hand. The same goes for your leg; you don’t have to keep pressing the clutch with one of your feet when you have an automatic car. Hence, automatic cars make your driving experience more enjoyable and easier than ever before. It keeps you stress-free.

Less strain, no matter your age

If you’re in your twenties automatic cars may be safer option as your concentration isn’t potentially taken away from the road by having to change gears. If you’re older now or you have muscle issues or other similar problems, an automatic car is made for you. It provides you a lot of rest compared to driving a manual car. As you get older you like to enjoy moments, and more likely you don’t like racing with people you don’t know, or you have never met, so an automatic car is nice to drive and will provide you with a comfortable experience.

strip of road

Technological innovation is good

Driving an automatic car is like taking part in a technological innovation and one that’s growing in popular in Europe, after becoming the norm in the USA. The process of driving an automatic is being conscious of the advances and understanding what the car’s system will do automatically for you and what your core focus should be when driving to your location; always safety.

Isn’t it amazing? Thanks to growing technology life and everyday activities have become simpler and more free of complications that could lead to issues. The technologies of the past were good but it’s the essence of technology to evolve and become even more helpful.

It’s a luxury

If we talk about the European countries, driving an automatic car is known as a luxury. Even when you rent a car in the continent of Europe, automatic cars cost you a lot more than the manual ones especially in London and Paraguay. Here, the rental cost of an automatic car can be three times more than a manual car.

Route 66

Travelling becomes more fun

In countries like the United States where there are proper lanes everywhere and you have your own space to drive into, travelling becomes more fun with automatic cars. You have your free hand to keep yourself hydrated, and you are more relaxed to focus on the road and location. This is the reason the car markets of USA are dominated by automatic cars.

So, if you haven’t considered automatic cars before and hold a valid manual license, they may be worth considering for your next trip. Particularly in America, you can rent a range of luxury cars to travel, for example, across Route 66. A unique, once in a lifetime experience.

Let me know your experiences on road trips. Do you normally drive manual but chose an automatic for the benefits? Which country or countries were you visiting?

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