Can you eat healthily while eating out?

Can you eat healthily while eating out?

Are you wondering if you can eat healthy food while eating out? It’s a common question for anyone who’s watching what they eat, whether it’s to lose a few pounds or due to specific dietary needs.

The simple answer is yes, you absolutely can eat healthily while out, and it’s not as tricky as you might think. It comes down to knowledge and planning.

If you’ve got all the information you need, like what you can and can’t eat if you’ve got allergies, which ingredients are among the causes of high cholesterol, and what’s on the restaurant menu, you should be fine.

Let’s check out some top tips that’ll help you eat healthily and still enjoy yourself.

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Make sure you’re clear on your dietary requirements

Don’t risk things here. Arm yourself with the info you need about what you can and can’t eat so that you’re not on the spot when it comes to ordering. For example, knowing the causes of high cholesterol can help you make sensible choices. Eating food that is high in saturated fat is a major contributor to high cholesterol, so that’s something you can stay away from when eating out. Avoid dishes with a high butter or cream content, food that is deep-fried, or indulgent baked goods like doughnuts and muffins.

Think ahead

Healthy eating always starts with a plan. When you’re at home you plan what to buy, and when you’re going out things are no different. That means researching restaurants to find out what they offer. Call ahead if need be; you won’t be the first to ask, and if staff can’t help you with the questions you’ve got, it’s probably best to give that establishment a miss.

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Be confident when ordering

Always keep in mind that you’re the one paying so you can ask for what you want; waiting staff will soon tell you if it’s not possible. If you haven’t phoned ahead this is the time to speak to the staff to find out what goes into the dish you like the look of. If they don’t know they’ll be able to ask the chef and then you’ll be equipped with the information you need. As long as you take control there’s no reason you can’t choose the healthiest options on or off the menu.

Ask for alternatives

If you see a dish that you really want to try but know that one or two components are no good for you, ask for them to be replaced with something else. Switch out the fries for a baked potato, side salad or other veggies, ditch the salad dressing and go with a drizzle of balsamic instead, or ask for a non-cream-based sauce – all good choices and easy for the chef to do.

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Watch your portions

Portion control plays another big part in eating healthily and it’s easier to control in a restaurant than you might think. Choose a starter as a main, ask for a main dish to be served starter size, or share a main with someone else; anything you can do take charge of the situation. Always remember that they can say no, but if you don’t ask you won’t get.

As long as you’re prepared and are confident about what you want and don’t want, it’s fairly easy to eat healthily when out. Whether it’s knowing the causes of high cholesterol, swapping unhealthy foods for healthy ones, or monitoring portion sizes, it’s about you taking control. Now that you’ve got a few ideas about how to stay on track you can be confident when ordering and enjoy dining out as much as everyone else.

If you’ve found a particularly good restaurant in London or Sussex that does healthy, tasty food, let me know and if possible, I’ll try to check it out and review.

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