How Great Audio Improves Solo Travel

How Great Audio Improves Solo Travel
Do you love entertaining yourself while driving? It’s almost obvious that everyone needs company when travelling long and even boring distances to get to their chosen destination, especially when travelling on their own (like I did when I went interrailing).

For many drivers, entertainment in the car is almost synonymous with having great audio. With a reliable car audio system you can completely avoid boredom, fatigue and distraction, at the same time as making great travel memories.

So, what makes a great great car audio system? You’ve got to have a well-fitting head unit and car speakers, all installed properly to deliver the best sound quality. Car speakers have the biggest influence on the sound given out by a car audio system.

The car speaker buying guide on Speaker Champion takes you through the entire process of selecting the best car speakers for your vehicle, so if you’ve got several trips planned for the next year, see if better music, audio travel guides like Rick Steves and even audiobooks can help you out.

How better audio makes for better travel

Keep things interesting

Cranking up favourite tunes is probably the most popular trick of enjoying travelling in solitary splendour. Playing music helps to avoid boredom and loneliness. Whether you are just listening to the beats, singing along softly, or just tapping out the beat with your fingers, you will surely have a relaxing time travelling.

With a stereo that has an audio player, a satellite radio, and a Bluetooth receiver, you can access different playlists (some from your phone or Spotify account) and keep your mind alert and motivated throughout the journey.

Learn and be productive

Explore your areas of interest with podcasts. podcasts are more or less like radio chat shows, though not live. You download them to your mobile device and can play them at any time you wish. There are practically podcasts about any topic you could possibly want to listen to! Essentially, the possibilities are endless. One of my favourites to recommend is Stuff You Should Know, which I was lucky enough to see record live in London.

If you like sports, fitness, movies, politics, technology, history or anything else, you will find it covered in detail online. Listening to podcasts while driving or even walking engages your mind with the areas that interest, keeping you entertained when you’re on your own trying to get from A to B.

Stay in touch

Enjoy conversations with friends or family: it’s illegal to talk on a handheld phone while driving but you can have phone conversations with your loved ones when behind the wheel using the right technology, such as connecting your phone through bluetooth.

With a great audio system that has a supported microphone and speakers that produce crisp sound, you can nourish your cherished relationships and keep your mind engaged and entertained. Just always remember to be safe!

Broaden your horizons

Listening to audio books can help you to continue listing items off your reading list as you travel. While this is not exactly one of the best ideas of entertaining your mind while driving, it can add on to the fun you need when driving alone.

Audio books are particularly fun if you are reading to solve a mystery with your favourite detective, digging deeper into a hobby, or following the adventures of one your heroes. You can browse listings at Audible or any other app that provides audio books for download. A great tip is to find biographies of great travellers and books that focus on where you’re travelling to so that you get an inspirational head start to your trip.

Get prepared

As you consider upgrading your car audio system, it’s important to know your vehicle and identify your entertainment goals. This helps you to have an idea of the audio components that will fit your car without costing you much in modifications.

You should also consider the size of your budget. Set it before going out to shop for various car audio components as there are many types and qualities of car speakers and stereo components and they all go at varied prices; the selection process will be easier if you know the range you can afford.

However, there are specific characteristics you don’t want to compromise even as you set your budget for car speakers. As the car speaker buying guide on Speaker Champion informs, the speaker’s quality, clarity, and durability are key to the benefits you get.

Got a road trip planned and like to take some time out to listen to music or travel guides as you make your way to your destination? If you have other ways to pass the time, let me know. I’m hoping to visit Iceland and think there may be a lot of time spent on the road exploring. Thanks for reading!

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