How to Prepare for Long Term Travel

How to Prepare for Long Term Travel

Preparing for long term travel is both exciting and overwhelming. From planning your itinerary to storing your stuff safely while abroad, there are plenty of things you have to do before heading off on your adventure.

Before embarking on a long trip, consider these five tips on what to do and how to prepare youself:

Visit your doctor

Be sure to your doctor for a check-up and make sure all necessary vaccinations for your destinations are up to date, just like I did here. There are some countries that require particular immunisations for all visitors, so prepare a list of your itinerary for your appointment. You may need to go months in advance as some vaccinations take multiple injections over longer periods of time, such as the course for rabies.

Furthermore, ask if your medications (should you be prescribed any) are allowed in the countries you plan to visit, and don’t forget to get prescriptions for your medications before leaving, for the amount you need for the duration of your trip.

Backup important documents

Invest in two high-quality hard drives where you can store all your important documents. Lock one in a safe place and take the other one with you. You must also leave photocopies of your license, birth certificate, passport, visa, flight details and your travel itinerary as well as other important documents to your family or relatives for reference in case of emergency. This way, they know how to contact you whenever necessary.

Invest in the right travel insurance

Travel insurance is essential each time you go on a trip. Choose a policy that covers injury, sickness, loss and theft, especially if you plan to engage in dangerous activities such as extreme sports or sailing.

A policy covering the cost of flights home during emergency situations is also important because this can save you from the hassle and pain of costly last-minute airfares.

MoneySuperMarket have a great guide on travel insurance and how to get the best deals – read more.

Be culturally aware

Check the places you plan to visit and figure out if there are specific local customs you must know. This is not only about becoming a smart traveler – it is also about respecting the culture of other nations and being aware and considering.

A common cultural difference can be clothing. Research if you need ti dress more conservatively and if it is acceptable to touch other people casually without causing offence.

Keep belongings safe and secure

Whether you have to spend an extended length of time exploring other countries or hope to plant temporary roots abroad, you need to store your possessions during your absence. Though you can keep smaller items with your family or friends, larger items like your furniture and appliances require more organisation.

In most cases, especially if your property doesn’t have adequate security, your best option is temporary long term storage. You can even find portable on-demand storage where you don’t have to worry about lots of trips to more conventional storage lockers as they can be brought to your home for you to pack. Something this simple and secure is ideal for travellers; the last thing you want to do is get half way around the world and worry your possessions back home are at risk.

With modern advances in storage making it more secure and practical, research what’s possible where you are.

Are you ready to go?

Long term travel requires a lot of preparation, but it’s worth it when all your plans comes to fruition and you’re exploring the world safely.

Other things to consider are your budget – make one and stick to it – and whether you travel solo, with a partner, or alone. Whatever you have planned, make sure you go prepared and armed with the right resources to make it the trip of a lifetime.

This guest post was written with tips and advice from Chris Humphrey, the General Manager of Easytruck Moving & Storage, including mobile storage suitable for travellers. If you’ve got any more questions for us, let us know with a comment below and we’ll be happy to help.

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    13th March 2018 / 9:19 am

    Some great tips here! Thanks!

    • getjaunty
      13th March 2018 / 1:31 pm

      Thanks Anja, hope they come in useful!

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