Four Ancient Cities to Add to Your Bucket List

Four Ancient Cities to Add to Your Bucket List

For old world charm, culture and education, the historical aspect of travel has it all. If you’re a traveller with a fascination of the past and how people used to live, visiting ancient cities is a great way to explore history in more detail and bring to past to life in an unforgettable way.

While planning your trip, keep in mind that each city has its own story to tell and how long you spend there will depend on what it offers, as well as your own interests. For example, if you’re into Roman history, visit Pompeii with a day trip from nearby Rome or Sorrento to take in the sights of this wonderfully preserved city.

Apart from Pompeii which we all know, here are the four ancient cities you should definitely visit for history and culture:

1. Cusco, Peru

ruins in peru

The Inca Empire was one of the most amazing chapters of our history, with Cusco in Peru said to be the capital.

Today, its structures still stand with beautiful architecture to explore, while it’s an incredible site for archaeological research. Discovering the archaeology of the area dominates the travel itineraries in this ancient city. Highlights include remnants of stonework as well as the old Inca Temple of Sun.

2. Delhi, India

red fort delhi india

Delhi used to be known as Hastinapura and was the capital of the Mahabharatakingdom; it was also the Mughal era capital.

Visitors today exploring this vibrant city can see the Red Fort and Jama Masjid, beautiful feats of architecture that certainly stand the test of time.

Nearby, you will also find Agra and Fatehpur Sikri, which are also must-visits when you’re in the area.

3. Angkor, Cambodia

angkor cambodia

Even though it was only designated as a world heritage site as recently as 1992, its rich history dates back thousands of years.

Situated in Siem Reap it is a lovely temple complex which is popularly known as Angkor Wat. The complex spreads across an impressive 162.6 hectares and is a definite must visit for a spiritual experience as well as to soak up the history.

4. Cadiz, Spain

cadiz spain

Situated in the old Andalusia region of Spain, Cadiz is one of the most underrated cities on most people’s ancient bucket list. It is popular for being the main base of the Spanish Navy back in the 16th century and was also one of the main ports for exploration and trade. Due to this, there were a lot of watchtowers that were a part of this port.

When you visit today there are more than 100 watchtowers that have survived and have held onto their age-old importance and prominence in the city. Remember to visit the church built in the 18th century with unique neoclassical elements as well as baroque features.

Travelling can be a very exciting and unique experience when your main aim is to dive into history and learn about the past of new locations. Another popular location is Vatican City, which you can visit when you’re in the city of Rome or nearby.

Photo Credits: Julian-G. Albert

If you’re inclined towards history and want to visit some offbeat destinations, then let me know where you’ve been and your own tips to share.

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