Luxury Trip Inspiration for Special Getaways

Luxury Trip Inspiration for Special Getaways

Planning for that one big trip to stand out from weekend breaks can involve a lot more effort and time, especially as there are so many options. From honeymoons to milestone birthdays, there’s also more pressure to get it right.

To help keep you inspired as you make a decision, here are some of the best places that make for a luxurious getaway:


For: Good weather, fantastic beaches, culture, and the great outdoors.

Australia or ‘Down Under’ as it is referred to affectionately deserves all the consideration it gets as one of the world’s most unique places. A visit to the country’s most celebrated wildlife sanctuaries – the Billabong Wildlife Sanctuary and the Healesville Sanctuary, is a must for all visitors. Exotic and indigenous creatures such as the kangaroo or the koala can be observed from up close. In addition to the wildlife, Australian cities such as Sydney are marvels of modernity.

Sydney for instance, is not only famous for its skyscrapers but also for Bondi Beach, where white sands make it one of the most beautiful coastal spots in the world. Ideal for a luxury trip, steady waves attract surfers who hone their art here, offering free shows in the process.

The Maldives

For: Romance, relaxation, and Instagram perfect photo opportunities.

Celebrated for being one of the most tranquil and peaceful tourist destinations, the islands of the Maldives specialise in offering a different form of luxury for visitors. For the ultimate serenity, many opt to stay in a water villa, otherwise known as an overwater bungalow.

The ancient Hindu and Buddhist influences have made meditation and yoga retreats a unique feature of this destination, whilst people from around the world visit to enjoy the stunning beaches, natural beauty, and to try their hand at the water sports on offer.


For: Beaches, culture, and historical sites.

This gorgeous Caribbean island is famous for its beaches – Havanna, Varadero and Caya Coco are regarded as some of the most beautiful in the world. It also offers a great mixture of local culture and Victorian architecture.

While there are some historic sites to visit in the capital city of Havanna (e.g. The Havana Cathedral), the true spirit of the country can be felt in the beaches where the vendors line up to sell exquisite food items such as mango pickles and tunnelled pineapples.

Exploring Cuba by bicycle is a great way to get around, or you could rent a classic car for an authentic Cuban experience.


For: Food, architecture, romance, and beaches.

Italy has many great cities to visit, many of which can be completed in a single trip either by car or train. Rome for instance has gained its reputation for being a great historic city, with there being so many historic tourist spots to visit such as the grand Colosseum or the venerated Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, to Baroque basilicas and thriving piazzas. However, the city is more than just an open-air museum; the culture of the city is fantastic and so is the food.

The same can be said for Naples, which has it’s own port, and Milan, which is also known for high-end shopping and fashion. You can also include Pompeii on a tour of the country to visit one of the most famous archeological sites in the world. Just don’t miss trying authentic margarita pizza in Naples, or treating yourself to gelato with an impressive view of the Trevi Fountain.


For: Mountain views and unforgettable scenery.

The Tour de Monte Rosa which lies along the border of Switzerland and Italy is considered to be the best place for tourists to experience the thrill of Alpine hiking. Bicycling down these long and picturesque roads is the best way to immerse yourself in the astounding sceneries.

In addition to that there are several local restaurants that host the biking and hiking enthusiasts with some of the best Alpine meals.

These places offer a great mix of culture and luxurious lifestyles and I’ve personally been able to visit a couple of them (Italy and Switzerland), which I highly recommend. Add your tips below, especially if you’ve been to the Maldives a I am considering it for a honeymoon destination next year!

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