5 Awesome Gap Year Ideas for Couples

5 Awesome Gap Year Ideas for Couples

Gap years can be a truly exciting experience, with most people deciding to take them to visit new places, grow as an individual, and even as a couple. They’re generally thought of as a ‘once in a lifetime’ event where you can be free to explore the world on your own budget.

For those looking to go with there partner, here are some of the best gap year ideas and destinations for couples:

Visit ancient cities

Visiting ancient cities such as Rome in Italy, Istanbul in Turkey or Prague in the Czech Republic can be a great way for a couple to immerse themselves in a new culture and find answers to life’s questions deeply embedded into the civilisations of our ancestors.

While this may sound lofty, it’s a realistic pursuit when you travel, whether you’re at the imposing Colosseum or the artistically wondrous mosques of Istanbul. When you consider the age and scope of ancient sites,  there is a lot to learn from these places and they combine beauty with history and also perspective.

Another destination with historic and archaeological sites is Santorini; a holy city from the ancient Greek era, which is also known for its picturesque white beaches and deep blue seas serving as its background. As a couple, it’s ideal for culture and enjoying natural beauty.

Explore Greek Islands

Most of the Greek islands off the ancient civilisation’s north-west shoreline in the Ionian Sea have their own distinct history and culture.

There is an abundance of Greek villas and guest houses available throughout the region so you can get luxury at a price to suit your budget; a gap year can easily drain your bank account if you take your eye off the ball. Pre-booking them with additional package offers help you make the most of all the versatile experiences these islands offer and is the best way to spend a lot of time appreciating their beauty.

Imagine having an escapade on the mountains or relaxing on the beaches of the most celebrated Greek Island, Corfu. As each and every island gives off a special feel of the cultural legacy inherited from centuries of Venetian, Greek and French kingdoms which ruled these islands in the past, you simply can’t go wrong.

Relax in Barcelona

Barcelona is unrivalled when it comes to offering an exciting break for couples. With exquisite tourist spots such as the Sagrada Famillia or the Port Aventura theme park available in every corner, there’s never a shortage of things to do.

Again, pre-booking is the best way to ensure you have a great time. The Sagrada Famillia and Parc Guell – for example – should both be booked online in advance as they often sell out days or even weeks ahead of time. Before visiting, do some reading on Gaudi; his architectural visions are unmissable.

Furthermore, this city is ideally suited for couples as it’s fantastic for dining out with tapas restaurants and fresh seafood in abundance. The food is great, there’s no denying it, and it inherently makes a traveller enthusiastic to try new and fresh tastes.

Barcelona also has sunny and warm days and chilly evenings, giving it the perfect climate.

Go hiking in New Zealand

For adventurous couples who are particularly into walking or mountaineering, New Zealand is the place to be. It’s famous for dramatic scenery and huge, breathtaking landscapes to further enhance enjoying the great outdoors. You can also try glamping or camping, or book onto group tours to meet new people as you travel. Another popular way to explore New Zealand is by renting a camper van and taking to the open road.

For couples looking to truly explore New Zealand’s overwhelming nature, taking hiking trips on the ‘Great-Walks’ is a must.

Work abroad together

Working abroad together can be an ideal ‘gap year’. Not only do you get to experience the pleasures of a new life, but you can also be productive throughout the year, making career advances and linking up with knowledgable people in your industry.

An experience of working abroad in cities such as Tokyo or Beijing can be wonderful both in terms of lifestyle and work experience. Most couples who work together abroad tend to gain a fresh outlook on human life and culture, at the same time as honing their skills, particularly in communication.

These places and activities are not only great tourist attractions, but they also offer a unique experience of growth and understanding of diverse human cultures and life. Venice is one of the most unique places I’ve ever visited and Barcelona one of the most cultural and multifaceted.

Which destinations are on your hit list for a gap year with your partner?

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