Unusual Accommodation Types in Europe for an Unforgettable Break

Unusual Accommodation Types in Europe for an Unforgettable Break

An unforgettable break is what most travellers aspire for but most come to a conclusion that everywhere they go, the world’s the same. Well not in these places!

Here are some of the most unusual accommodation types in Europe for an unforgettable break:

Windmill in Holland

A trip to Holland would simply be incomplete without visiting some of the country’s most iconic windmills. Thankfully, there are several of these epic machines scattered across the nation. Something even better is the fact that there are certain windmills open for accommodation.

Hunsingo Windmill for instance, offers superbly modernised accommodation in Onderdendam which is only 13 kilometres away from the city of Groningen. Free Wi-Fi, brilliant restaurants to enjoy European delicacies – they, like many, offer the full package.

Spending the night in an actual windmill with extensive views of the Dutch countryside is a fantastic experience and makes for great photo opportunities.

Canal Boat Holiday UK

There’s over 3,000 kilometres of navigable in-land water channels in Great Britain (including Northern Ireland). Life in these places slows down offering a unique experience. There are a lot of companies that offer the opportunity to rent canal boats where one can relax and relish countryside views, industrial-age tradition, and flourishing bird life.

There are a lot of luxury vessels which can be used to explore historic canals such as the Llangollen Canal. Right from Southern England to the Midlands and into Northern England and Ireland, there are a lot of these ‘unusual’ accommodations on offer.

Igloo Hotels in Norway

Experience a life rather unexplored in the world’s northernmost hotel – the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel. This unique accommodation in the Norwegian Lapland is constructed afresh every year before the igloos are melted away during springtime.

Carved wholly out of ice, even with frozen snow beds, accommodations don’t get more exclusive than this. Relishing this supreme Arctic experience at the time of Aurora Borealis lighting up the sky would surely be the stuff of every traveller’s dreams.

Living in Cars in Germany

For car buffs, the V8 Hotel in Stuttgart is a unique opportunity to live out their fantasy. This inventive lodge has car-themed rooms with beds designed to look like motorcars, so you could find yourself sleeping in a luxurious Cadillac or a Mercedes, with each of them being fully furnished with authentic car parts.

The suites imitate various automobile themes to suit your own tastes, and there’s also a drive-in cinema theatre and a car wash. Get set and ‘vroom’!

Trulli in Puglia, Italy

Trulli is the traditional dwelling of the town of Alberobello, in Puglia, Italy. Trulli constructions date all thw way back to the 1500s, however, these small conical dwellings are in no shape or form a remnant of history.

Today, they are still very much an active part of the local Alberobello culture and there are lots of accommodation options in Puglia but staying in a trulli is the best way to experience the local culture.

These places are genius because they are innovative and different, each offering a wonderful living experience. For travel enthusiasts with a creative mind, these places are must-visits!

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