Something New – Cultural Travel Ideas for 2019

Something New – Cultural Travel Ideas for 2019
In 2018 I’ve travelled to new cities that I’ve wanted to explore for years, including Las Vegas and New York City. For 2019 I’ve got my honeymoon to plan and am looking to go somewhere brand new to me, cultural and exciting.

If you’re already planning travel for the new year and are looking ahead to things you can try in 2019, here are a few cultural travel ideas which offer something rewarding for any traveller:

Culinary discovery

Where: Kyoto, Japan
Activity: Cooking courses

teriyaki dish

The city of Kyoto in Japan has a great culinary culture with well-known bento dishes, soups and complex flavours like teriyaki. A lot of the food is beautiful – perfect for Instagram – and of course delicious, so taking a class to learn the history of these foods and how to prepare them is very appealing.

Such classes are run by Cooking Sun in the south of city in their studios. A 10 minute walk from Shijo/Karasuma Station it’s guaranteed to be a fun few hours where you’ll learn new skills.

Closer to home if you’re based in the UK, there are a number of cooking classes for international cuisine in London, and even food tours that take you around hotspots in the city.

Connecting with history and art

Where: Paris, France
Activity: Museums and art galleries
paris france cityscape

Paris, France is one of the most cultural cities in the whole of Europe and has the most visited museum in the world, the Louvre, home to the Renaissance portrait of Mona Lisa, created by artist Leonardo da Vinci. A must-visit, you could happily spend a day here without running out of things to see and admire.

After a trip here, there is still Musee d’Orsay, Musee Picasso, the National Museum of Modern Art and the Centre Pompiduo, to mention only a few highlights. Combine your visits with walks along the Seine, a tour of the Cathedral de Notre Dame and the Luxembourg Gardens.

Once you have dates in mind, check for special exhibitions and cultural events for even more ideas of what to explore in this city.

Jungle adventures

Where: Borneo
Activity: Wildlife tours

Borneo offers incredible biodiversity and unique natural wonders to explore. At first it might be daunting planning a trip here as there truly is so much to do. Tours get rid of the stress and ensure you see the best sights, such as the Kinabatangan river, the Deramokot Reserve, and even the Sepilok Orangutan Centre.

Some parts of Borneo are still rarely visited and it’s a privilege to discover somewhere so untouched. Tours such as those of Sabah’s Lost World in the Maliau Basin have been created by Adventure Alternative to capture everything special about the location.

Tours like this would appeal if you want to gain the knowledge of tour guides as you visit and want the best options for hikes, routes and well-organised travel across longer distances.

Roaming around

Where: Rome, Italy
Activity: Personal history tour

rome's colloseum

It wouldn’t be a true cultural travel list without including Rome, Italy. This city offers so much in terms of food, culture and history that it leaves you spoilt for choice.

Mostly doable on foot, there’s also bus services and tour buses to take you around the main attractions. The highlight is arguably the Colosseum and the Forum, which you can visit using the same ticket on the same day. The Colosseum, once an arena for gladiators, is a testament to the architectural ability of the ancient Romans; it has survived earthquakes and thousands of years and is impressively intact. The Forum, just opposite, is the old centre of Rome where Julius Caesar was assassinated.

Read my ultimate list of things to see in Rome to plan your trip and prioritise what you’re interested in the most.

Where are you planning to go in 2019 and do you have any exciting activities in mind? I’m still trying to decide on our honeymoon destination (or destinations!) but the research stage is also pretty exciting.
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