Long Trips: Things you Should Never Travel Without

Long Trips: Things you Should Never Travel Without

When going on a long trip, it is so important to pack wisely. The things to pack can be divided in two broad categories: things you will be happy to have with you for practical reasons and things that will help you to pass the time and keep you entertained.

Here are five things to bring for practical reasons:

Universal charger:

A quality universal charger is an absolute must. It is an easy one to forget, yet it is one you’ll be kicking yourself for not having for that standout time you need it. Your smart devices, hair tools, etc. rely on technology.

A proper universal charger will help ensure you are set up for whichever plug and adapter you might need so that your electronics don’t blow a fuse during your travels.

Medical kit:

A mini but comprehensive medical kit containing the basics such as Band-Aids, alcohol wipes, pain relief tablets, and stomach-settling supplements can make all the difference when you or your travel companions may really need them.

Hand sanitiser & sanitising wipes:

Before you sit down on your seat it is a good idea to give it an extra wipe down with a sanitizing wipe. When traveling in tight quarters especially in planes, it is worth taking the extra precautions.

Copy of documents:

It is great to have your documents and travel information on your device, but pack a paper copy of documents to have on you, as well.

I’ve heard plenty of stories of people accidentally forgetting where they stored their documents or having their phone die or lost and not knowing the information they need to get through customs, to their accommodation upon arrival, etc.

Rain poncho or rain jacket:

If there is potential for rain during your travels, a packable rain poncho or jacket is a great thing to pack to prepare for the weather ahead. Imagine de-boarding a plane, only to have to walk through the rain to get inside to the terminal.

On the other hand, here are five things to bring for entertainment:

Smart devices:

Smart devices enable you to stay entertained even whilst travelling. All you need to do is choose what to put on your device.

Before departure, while home with proper Wi-Fi, download movies and TV shows on your smart device thanks to websites like uk.chili.com to enjoy offline content while traveling.

You can also download music, games, podcasts, meditation courses, e-books, etc. to be accessible offline.

Portable charger:

For your smart devices, remember to bring a portable charger! You’ll want your smartphone to be charged when you arrive at your destination to get where you need to go and contact anyone you may need to.

Earphones for your device as well as the plane:

You’ll want earphones with you during your travels at all times. Bonus if they are noise-cancelling or reducing! If the ear phones that sync to your device are wireless, bring another pair that you plug into the on-flight entertainment since not all planes provide headphones.

A mini notebook:

In case you want to do some planning for your trip or just free writing, pack a mini notebook with a couple pens with you. On your way home, you can even create a mini travel journal by putting in ticket stubs and memorabilia from your trip.


During your trip, pick up a couple postcards to have during your travels home. They don’t take up much space and it’s a great way to reflect on your trip and have a nice note for your loved ones ready to mail once home. 

Other things that you can bring along on your trip that don’t involve technology but can be great to bring are books, magazines and games that you can play with a travel companion. If you pick up a used book before the flight, you can always leave it on the plane for the next traveller to pick up.

Have you ever forgotten to take the essentials, or wished you’d remembered to pack better entertainment? It can be a struggle when luggage space is limited and you don’t want to carry heavy bags.

Choosing digital options that can be used on your phone and on the go are ideal – they don’t add to the weight of your luggage and are always to hand.

Read my blog on the best travel apps for more advice and if you’re heading abroad alone, check out my solo travel guide.

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