After Backpacking: A Health Check For When You’re Back!

After Backpacking: A Health Check For When You’re Back!

Everyone knows that it’s important to make sure you have the appropriate vaccinations and take care of your health before backpacking. However, after months walking, eating different types of food and sleeping in different time zones, it’s also important to keep an eye on your health after. Read on for top tips for a post-backpacking health check, from checking your cholesterol test results, to having the right diet.

Four ways you should keep an eye on your health after backpacking

If you’ve been backpacking for a few weeks, months or even a year, it is important to make sure you keep an eye on your health with these 4 top tips.

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1. Eat healthily

When you’re out backpacking, no matter how long it is for, you are often living and travelling on a very tight budget. This means many backpacker’s diets consist of cheap and cheerful foods, which aren’t always the healthiest. Once you get home it is important to get back into the swing of eating and drinking healthily.

2. Don’t forget to exercise

When you are backpacking it is likely you will be spending a lot of your time walking, running for public transport and generally exercising as you travel from place to place. After all that exercise you need to take care to not just stop altogether. A sudden drop in exercise can lead to health issues such as excess fat as well as mental health problems like depression.

3. Keep an eye out for anything untoward

If you’ve been backpacking it is likely that even with the proper pre-travel checks and vaccinations you will get bitten by a mosquito or eat something a little unusual. Make sure you keep an eye out for any bad reactions to bites, or signs of illnesses or diseases you may have unwittingly picked up on your travels. Immediately seek medical advice if you think there is anything serious which may need treating.

4. Book a GP health exam for a cholesterol test

Whilst you may feel fine, a general health exam will be able to tell you if your weight and more are healthy, and the GP can advise you of any change you may need to make. Bad diets can also contribute to bad cholesterol levels in your blood. Whilst the exercise you do when backpacking may keep bad cholesterol at bay it is always worth booking a cholesterol test to be on the safe side.

With these top tips you now know how best to keep an eye on your health after your backpacking adventure and can get ready for the next one! For more advice about back packing, check out my other posts including which case to use and what to pack.

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