What to do if your holiday gets cancelled

What to do if your holiday gets cancelled

This is a guest post I have worked on with Creditfix to share how it’s possible to get money back if a holiday is cancelled and the steps you can take to protect yourself.

I’ve recently returned from my honeymoon (which is why I haven’t posted in a while) and as a frequent traveller, know how important it is to protect your finances and well-being when you go abroad.

Why is it important to consider?

It may seem like a ‘doomsday’ thought but holiday cancellations are real, as we’ve all seen with the end of Thomas Cook.

To stop myself worrying too much, I always take out travel insurance and never book with a company that isn’t ATOL protected. This means that in the right circumstances I can get money back, reducing the stress if not the disappointed of a cancelled trip.

This week I spoke to Creditfix and looked at their ‘How to get your money back if your holiday gets cancelled’ infographic. I wanted to share it as it covers both scenarios of the cancellation being from a company, or coming from yourself, which I haven’t seen covered as often online.

Whilst I haven’t yet been in this position, it’s worth understanding what could happen and the steps to take. Take a look at their guide below and let me know if you’ve ever have a holiday cancelled and any tips you could share as well.

How to get your money back if your holiday is cancelled

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