Photography and Tech

I’ve always had a keen interest in photography and hopefully you’ll enjoy some of my photos on Get Jaunty.

Here’s a selection of tips and some of my favourite photos from other bloggers in my series ‘the best Instagram snaps’.

You’ll also find my tech reviews which will help if you’re planning a trip and don’t know which electrical devices to prioritise.

Using My Fitbit App Abroad
Interrail Europe

Using My Fitbit App Abroad

About six weeks ago I invested in a fitbit tracker to monitor my steps in a normal working week. It started off pretty low, I was doing 3k a day but I’ve upped it to 6k by taking the train into work rather than the car, as it involves a fast walk to and from the train station. I guess this little change could be labelled under ‘preparation’ for my travels. The main thing I’ve noticed since tracking is that I always fall short of the recommended daily 10k steps, ¬†unless I go to London or Brighton. Boo! So I…

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